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#EatingVeganAt White Castle: New Vegan Impossible Slider!!

Hello, ladies! I'm so excited to see that fast food chains are starting to offer vegan burger options! Today I tried White Castle's new Impossible slider made with Impossible burger patties! You do have to ask for it without cheese if you're vegan but it also comes with onions and pickles! I asked for some… Continue reading #EatingVeganAt White Castle: New Vegan Impossible Slider!!

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#EatingVeganAt Fast Food Joints for Breakfast!

Hello, Donnas! Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it can also be the most delicious! I love food too much to pick on meal over another so I don't have a favorite meal but I can truthfully say that I love breakfast food. What I love more about it is… Continue reading #EatingVeganAt Fast Food Joints for Breakfast!

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A Perfect Budget Friendly V-Day Night For Singles & Couples!

Hello, Donnas! V-day is coming up and there is always a sense of social pressure when trying to decide how to spend your Valentine's day. Also, if you're a recent grad, college student, young married couple, or even new parents, your budget may not be friendly to an elaborate date night. I know not all… Continue reading A Perfect Budget Friendly V-Day Night For Singles & Couples!

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Reading List Community

Hello, Donnas! Today's blog post isn't so much about me sharing a ton of wisdom or ideas with you. Instead, I am hoping it will serve as a means to opening up dialogue between me and all of you! In the past few months, getting back into the habit of reading has been something I… Continue reading Reading List Community

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All Time Favorite Fall Oufit & Pumpkin Picking NYC Style

Hello, Donnas! If you read my 50 Fun Fall Date Ideas post or My Fall To Do List, you’ll know that I love picking apples and pumpkins in the fall. I was born and raised in upstate New York and had multiple local apple orchards with pumpkins to pick everywhere. The best part is, they are dirt cheap!… Continue reading All Time Favorite Fall Oufit & Pumpkin Picking NYC Style


My Fall To-Do List

Hello, Donnas! Since it’s the last day of September, I wanted to list out my to-do list goals for October! I want to get my decorating done as well as visit some fun fall places to enjoy the season while it lasts! I hope this will also serve as some inspiration for you to formulate… Continue reading My Fall To-Do List


50 Fun Fall Date Ideas

Hello, Donnas! If you’re a fall lover like I am, you’re probably stoked about all of the fun activities that come along with the season. I decided to compile an extensive list of fun fall dates that you and your boo (đź‘») can do together to get in the spirit of Autumn! Enjoy! 1. Go… Continue reading 50 Fun Fall Date Ideas