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Tasty Tuesday: Life’s Too Short. Eat the Cookies for breakfast.

Hello, Donnas! Today is the day that I get to share anĀ amazing vegan cookie company with you. About a week ago I tried to make cookies from scratch for the first time ever... and not just ordinary cookies, vegan cookies of course. Welllll, long story short I failed. My mouth was super dry at first… Continue reading Tasty Tuesday: Life’s Too Short. Eat the Cookies for breakfast.

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How to Deal with Being an Overachiever & Managing Tasks

Hello, Donnas! If you are reading this, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you're an overachiever as well. In my case, this attribute is becoming slightly hard to deal with as a post-grad. All throughout my time as a student, most things came easily to me and it wasn't very… Continue reading How to Deal with Being an Overachiever & Managing Tasks

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Weekend Shopping #OOTD

Hello, Donnas! It seems like a long time since I have posted because I got in the rhythm of posting each day. This month is a big month for Brian and I. Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary, today is his birthday and then of course Valentine's Day! I have been taking some time from… Continue reading Weekend Shopping #OOTD

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Changing Your Major is FINE.

Hello, Donnas! Many of you may know that I graduated from college this past May with a degree in Finance. Those four years were such an impactful part of the person that I am today and have taught me many lessons that I still apply to my life as a college grad. I feel like… Continue reading Changing Your Major is FINE.

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A Perfect Budget Friendly V-Day Night For Singles & Couples!

Hello, Donnas! V-day is coming up and there is always a sense of social pressure when trying to decide how to spend your Valentine's day. Also, if you're a recent grad, college student, young married couple, or even new parents, your budget may not be friendly to an elaborate date night. I know not all… Continue reading A Perfect Budget Friendly V-Day Night For Singles & Couples!

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The Skinny on MD

Hello, Donnas! I have seen a few bloggers do Life update type posts and thought it would be fun to write a "The Skinny on MD" post maybe biweekly (?) on all things going on in my life during that time! It'll be sort of a mind dump for me to share everything going on… Continue reading The Skinny on MD

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15 Weird & Random Facts About Me!

Hello, Donnas! My Instagram following and daily readers have grown a lot so I wanted to write a post to share a little bit about myself with you that you wouldn't otherwise know! So.. here are 15 random facts about me! 1. I was ambidextrous when I was a kid coloring with either hand and… Continue reading 15 Weird & Random Facts About Me!

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Easy Polaroid Garland DIY

Hello, Donnas! It's been quite a while since I wrote a DIY post and I have been itching to make something new! For the past few months, I have been making different garlands for each of the seasons but I wanted to switch things up and make something I could display all year round. I… Continue reading Easy Polaroid Garland DIY

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A Day In My Life: Such A Happy Day

Hello, Donnas! Today was one of those days where your reflecting on everything that happened and all you can do is smile. I'm not sure what it was about today specifically, but everything just seemed to go right. I often watch YouTube vlogs of people's "A Day In My Life" and I thought why not… Continue reading A Day In My Life: Such A Happy Day

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College Life: To Party or Not To Party?

Hello, Donnas! Case race, 30 rack, kegger... is this terminology that you should be familiar with? Is this what makes "the college experience"? Some may think, "Hell yeah!" but I'm writing this to tell you that it is fine and actually quite normal to not be the party type in college. I graduated from college… Continue reading College Life: To Party or Not To Party?