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New Beauty At Target

Hello, Donnas! A few days ago I received a Vox Box with 4 new beauty products available at Target from Influenster, a company that sends complimentary products for you to review! You don't have to be a blogger to review products for Influenster! The more followers you have on various social media accounts, the higher… Continue reading New Beauty At Target

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14 Gift Ideas for February 14th! V-Day Gift Guide For Her ā™„ļø

Hello, Donnas! This post is one to send to your boo thang as a hint, hintĀ šŸ˜‰.Ā Today I put together 14 wonderful gifts that any gal would love to get for V-Day! If you and your gals are getting together for a Galentine's party, you could pick up some of these items for cute goodie bags… Continue reading 14 Gift Ideas for February 14th! V-Day Gift Guide For Her ā™„ļø

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My Winter Nighttime Routine & Products!

Hello, Donnas! Since October, I have developed a strict routine of products that I use at night to ensure that my skin stays moisturized through the rough winter weather. I have grown to love these products and wanted to share them with you all so you can try them out too! The one product not… Continue reading My Winter Nighttime Routine & Products!

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October Favorites!

Hello, Donnas! I decided that I would round up some of my favorites from music to fashion from this past month and share them with you. I've done something similar on my YouTube channel but never on my blog. October was a month where I really just wanted to immerse myself with everything fall-relatedĀ because once… Continue reading October Favorites!

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12 Nail Colors You Need To Try This Fall!

Hello, Donnas! On Sunday I got my nails done at the nail salon and it took me so long to decide on a good color! I had a swatch on every finger trying them all out and trying to pick the best one! The problem is, there are so many trendy colors this fall and… Continue reading 12 Nail Colors You Need To Try This Fall!


Friday Spotlight: Marc Jacobs Beauty

Hello, lovelies! Today I received two Marc Jacobs Matte gel eye crayons. The blush pink color is called "PINK OF ME" and the dark brown color is "(EARTH)QUAKE". I received these products free in return for my honest review from a website called Crowdtap. Crowdtap is a free website to join where you can apply… Continue reading Friday Spotlight: Marc Jacobs Beauty

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8 Preppy Birthday Discounts You’ll Love!

Hello, lovelies! If you follow me onĀ Instagram, you already know that my 22nd birthday was yesterday. One of the things I look forward to each year is the birthday discounts and coupons you can get from your favorite stores (as well as cake and memories with family!). Since I have been searching for the best… Continue reading 8 Preppy Birthday Discounts You’ll Love!

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Health & Beauty Picks from Target

Hello, lovelies! Today I am sharing my favorite health & beauty products that you can find at Target! If you're like me, it doesn't take much begging to get you to go on a Target run. That being said, I have made a list of my beauty essentials that you should definitely pick up on… Continue reading Health & Beauty Picks from Target