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Fall Essentials That Dreams Are Made Of

Fall is slowly creeping up on us and now is the time to get prepared for the new season! Her Campus Media sent me a box of fall essentials and I am excited to share everything about these goodies with you! I have been obsessed with light pastels, even for fall decor this year and… Continue reading Fall Essentials That Dreams Are Made Of

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Meet Collective Collabs! A community for Boss Babe Influencers!

Hello, babes! I am so excited to share a new project with you! Do any of you have your best thoughts in the shower? I swear I am Einstein when I am washing my hair and in deep thought... Anyway, I recently thought of the idea to create a community for us Boss Babes to… Continue reading Meet Collective Collabs! A community for Boss Babe Influencers!

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5 Things You Have to do Before Summer Ends

I can not believe that summer is a month from being over... where did it go?! This weekend I realized that I have to start planning how I am going to spend the rest of my summer to make the most of it. I wanted to share the top 5 things on my end of… Continue reading 5 Things You Have to do Before Summer Ends

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Be Bold With a New Wallpaper

Hello! Today I was searching for iPhone wallpapers for the summer and got the idea to create my own! I love painting and realized that I am not taking full advantage of the tools my Surface offers to digitally paint! I gave it a shot to create some new wallpapers for myself and liked them… Continue reading Be Bold With a New Wallpaper

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Staying Hydrated and Fitness Journey

Hello, ladies! The past few months I have been focused on getting healthier and staying on track with wellness goals. At the beginning of the year, I made three goals relating to my health: Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. Stay away from sugary drinks like soda and processed juices. Get into a… Continue reading Staying Hydrated and Fitness Journey

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Blogging Update & Summer #OOTD

Hello, ladies!! We are finally feeling the warm weather here in NYC but that isn't the only the only thing looking up! In April, I broke the record for most monthly views on the blog! This was something that I was hoping to break in January, when I published a post everyday for a month,… Continue reading Blogging Update & Summer #OOTD

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April 2018 PMS Package Unboxing

Hey, Donnas! This month I have another PMS package Unboxing to share with you all! If you don't know what the PMS package is, it's a subscription box that is sent monthly full of food, spa and feminine items to make your period a little more bearable and even enjoyable! If you missed January 2018… Continue reading April 2018 PMS Package Unboxing

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1 Year and 100 Blog Posts

Hello, Donnas! Today marks one year since I wrote my first post for this blog. I have grown so much during this past year and I am proud of all of the content I have created since then. In the past year I have: I have branched out of my comfort zone by becoming more… Continue reading 1 Year and 100 Blog Posts

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How to Deal with Being an Overachiever & Managing Tasks

Hello, Donnas! If you are reading this, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you're an overachiever as well. In my case, this attribute is becoming slightly hard to deal with as a post-grad. All throughout my time as a student, most things came easily to me and it wasn't very… Continue reading How to Deal with Being an Overachiever & Managing Tasks

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February Favorites 2018

Hello, Donnas! Doesn't February always fly by for all of you? I swear I celebrate the beginning of the month, excited about the month of love, Brian's birthday and our anniversary, and then I blink and it's all over! Although this month felt like I was living in fast forward mode, I did get a… Continue reading February Favorites 2018